Freq uently Asked Q uestions:   



1. Do you do Right Hand Drive conversions only, if I wanted to import my own F150, and if so, how much? 

Not at this time. We offer ready to drive away or custom built F150's, brand new.  


Latest Alloy Body 2018YM Ford F150's

We can order your Right Hand Drive new F150. We currently now do the 2018 F150's.  


2. When buying a vehicle from you, do we get a vehicle warranty and if so, what sort? 

Every vehicle we sell comes with a minimum 3 Year, 120,000 kilometre, Vehicle Warranty. Contact us for details. 


3. Do you do new or used vehicles? 

We sell Ford F150's that we purchase brand new from America.   


4. How can I tell the actual year model of a vehicle I own or am considering to purchase, as some dealers advertise using various year models? 

All American vehicles have an international standard seventeen digit Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.). They are generally located at the lower left side of the front windshield, as our Australian manufactured vehicles are.  

The 10th digit represents the Year Model of the vehicle you are looking at. 


IMPORTANT:  Don’t be misled by the actual month/year of build, or the Year the Australian Compliance plate was fitted. The latter are tactics some unscrupulous importers and sellers do to sell an older Year Model vehicle, claiming a later year in which the Australian compliance plate was fitted. Be informed, look at the following on any vehicle you are thinking of buying:  

Count along to the tenth (10th) digit, and look at the table below. The letter or number of that tenth digit will correspond to the model year of that vehicle: 


J         – 2018 Year Model 

H        – 2017 Year Model 

G        – 2016 Year Model 

F        – 2015 Year Model

E        – 2014 Year Model 

D       – 2013 Year Model 

C       – 2012 Year Model 

B       – 2011 Year Model 

A       – 2010 Year Model 


9       – 2009 Year Model 

8       – 2008 Year Model 

7       – 2007 Year Model 

6       – 2006 Year Model 

5       – 2005 Year Model 

4       – 2004 Year Model 

3       – 2003 Year Model 

2       – 2002 Year Model 

1       – 2001 Year Model 

Y       – 2000 Year Model 

X       – 1999 Year Model 

W      – 1998 Year Model 

V       – 1997 Year Model 

T        – 1996 Year Model 

S       – 1995 Year Model 

Q       – 1994 Year Model 

P       – 1993 Year Model 

N       – 1992 Year Model 

M       – 1991 Year Model 

L        – 1990 Year Model 

K       – 1989 Year Model 

J        – 1988 Year Model 


Note, that generally, American manufactured vehicles are actually built from August of the previous year to July of their model year. As an example, a 2017 model vehicle could be manufactured anywhere between August 2016 and July 2017 generally. Some dealers or sellers will advertise a vehicle being, for example, a 2012 vehicle, when actually it was ADR compliance in Australia in 2012 but is actually a 2010 or 2011 Year Model (as determined by the 10th digit of the vehicle’s VIN). Other dealers claim to be selling a ‘new’ vehicle, when in actuality it could be a 2 year old or older vehicle, but old stock they have had for some time and could not sell yet. Get the VIN of the vehicle and look at the 10th digit of it, then look at the table above to see what year model it actually is. If they do not want to give you the VIN, then you know something is most likely wrong and/or it’s a scam.  


7. Do you do Trade In's? 

Currently we do not. You will get a better price for your trade-in if you sell it privately. 


8. Do you purchase or import an older pre 1989 vehicle that I want to own? 

We don’t do that anymore. We stopped doing the older vehicles back in the 1990’s.

However, here’s some information for you: With the older pre-1989 vehicles, it depends on what sort of vehicle you have in mind. If the vehicle was manufactured prior to January 1989, this can be done as there are no Federal compliance laws with these early vehicles, they come under State and Territory laws. However an Import Application needs to be lodged with the Federal Transport Department (D.O.T.A.R.S.) BEFORE you ship it from its overseas port. Without an ‘Import Approval’ from the Federal Government, Australian Customs will NOT release the vehicle and it would have to be either re-exported or destroyed. This applies to off-road and racing vehicles also. You need to read the Federal Circular, VSB10, ‘Importing Vehicles to Australia’. 


9. I have been doing the ‘ring around’ of companies that say they can help me with an F150, but it sounds like there all saying the same thing and that everyone has been in business for years they all say, and their conversions are the best they all say. How do I tell everyone apart, what sort of questions should I be asking?  

You need to ask specific questions, and if your still not sure about what they are telling you, then go and see them in person. The questions you should be asking are these: 


-How long has the company and its staff been doing Right Hand Drive conversions for? 

We have been performing Right Hand Drive conversions since the late 1980’s. We are the oldest and most experienced conversion shop in Australia. 


-Approximately how many Right Hand Drive conversions have they performed over those years (this gives you an idea of the experience and capability of them)? 

We have performed literally hundred’s of Right Hand Drive conversions since then, in excess of 600 vehicles, we have done Ford's, Dodge's, Chevrolet's and others. 


10. How are your left to right hand drive conversions done?   

Go to our ‘F150 Conversions’ page to read all about our RHD Conversions for F150’s. 

For more in depth information on brand new Ford F150's, go to: