All prices, specifications, operating procedures, and/or availability are subject to change without notice, unless such pricing is in a contractual arrangement. Notification of any changes outside of that will be given prior to shipping or collection of goods and/or services. US Autos Sydney Pty Ltd does not take responsibility for any typographical errors or accidental omissions. Merchandise includes parts and vehicles. All parts are sold as is, if a stock item. US Autos Sydney Pty Ltd reserves the right to exchange any parts ordered with another part of a similar quality due to varying availability and specifications of overseas and local suppliers parts. All Merchandise sold remains the property of US Autos Sydney Pty Ltd until cleared funds in full are received for full payment. The 'company' in terms below is taken to be US Autos Sydney Pty Ltd, NSW Australia. US Autos Sydney Pty Ltd reserves the right that we are not liable in any way, shape or form, notwithstanding any relevant laws, for any loss, damage, delays or otherwise of merchandise, even if the customer did not ask for a copy of these terms, conditions and policies. For express terms, conditions and policies, see below. 


Prices & Quotes: 

Prices and quotes are subject to change without notice. Notification of price changes will be given on an order or quote prior to shipping or collection of merchandise. All orders are subject to GST, unless shipped directly overseas by us or by the customer. All 'over the counter' orders are subject to GST, whether it’s ultimate destination is overseas or not.  



Orders may be placed by phone, mail, fax or e-mail. Orders are not processed until we have cleared funds. 


Phone Orders: 

Phone orders may be placed Monday through Friday, 9am to 4.30pm, Eastern Standard Time for Sydney. Please supply vehicle information including VIN, year, make, model, engine and drive type.


Fax or Mail orders: 

Please include full name, business name (if applicable), daytime phone number (land line ONLY, no mobile only numbers), billing address and shipping address. We do not ship to Post Office boxes unless by prior arrangement. Include method of payment. 



Currently we accept company cheque’s, personal cheque’s, cash, Australia Post money orders, wire transfers and direct debits (under prior arrangement). No goods will be released until payment funds are cleared. 



All orders are sent F.O.B., shipping point Seven Hills, Sydney (NSW). Items (other than vehicles) are sent by Australia Post, or other companies as we see fit. Urgent deliveries are available for additional cost. Packaging, Handling and Shipping costs are additional to advertised prices and quotes, unless specifically included. These are subject to change without notice, however we will give notification prior to packaging, handling or shipping. 

Customers are free to make their own freight arrangements, however we accept no responsibility for loss, damage or other to merchandise so freighted. the company is not responsible for any damage or loss of merchandise in transit.



No insurance shall be affected except upon express instructions given in writing by the customer and in effecting any such insurances, the company shall be deemed to be an agent only of the customer (other than where by law the company is deemed to be an agent of the insurer) and not as an insurer, insurance broker or other form of intermediary. If the customer does not specifically request insurance, the customer assumes all risks of loss, damage or otherwise for any merchandise (including vehicles) shipped or moved in transit, or in storage or otherwise. Any fees payable, including but not limited to the premium, and excess cost, etc, are payable by the customer to  

the company, or if we so deem, directly to the insurer or its agent.   


Back Orders-Standard stock items only: 

Any orders, which cannot be filled immediately, are considered to be on back order. Every attempt is made to ship within a reasonable time. However as the vast majority of merchandise is from the USA, shipment delivery times can vary. 


Special Orders-Parts: 

No refunds or returns on 'special order' parts, that is, aprts we do not stock. Seventy five percent (75%) of purchase price including shipping, packaging and handling is payable before any merchandise is ordered by us. Please order carefully as we take no responsibility for items that are incorrect as ordered by the customer.

Special order specifications are the responsibility of the customer to verify, e.g: colour matching on tonneau's or canopies, etc. These are examples only.  


Missing merchandise or merchandise that is short in quantity: 

Missing items or damaged items must be reported within 48 hours. If merchandise is missing or damaged, we will replace it with the same or similar quality item. Missing or damaged merchandise are NOT grounds for refunds.    



No returns will be accepted without prior approval. If a return is sent without prior approval, it will be refused without exception.  

All merchandise to be returned must be approved in advance and notified within 48 hours upon the customer receiving the part. After a return authorisation is given the part must be returned within 7 days. Parts returned are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  

Returns and refunds will only be given on items that are faulty (does not include damaged or missing parts) upon being received by the customer, not at a later date or time. No exceptions. No returns-refunds on any electrical items. We reserve the right to inspect any item and deem that it is or may be faulty or not.  

US Autos Pty Ltd will issue either a cheque for the remaining balance (less packaging, handling and shipping costs). No refunds on packaging, handling, or shipping costs. No refunds on special orders, no exceptions. NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS from the date of shipping or collection. Merchandise must be in an original and saleable condition and in original packaging. No exceptions. No returns on merchandise that have been fitted, used, painted, modified, etc. Returns must include the customers name, address, daytime phone number (land lines only, no mobiles) or fax number, and the ORIGINAL invoice. No returns on Special order parts. See above.  


Refused shipments: 

All refused shipments will be subject to a $33.00c (includes GST) processing charge which must be paid in full before any other orders are accepted. 


Core returns: 

All core or exchange parts returns must be received within 14 days of receipt of part. Any cores or exchange parts will not be accepted after 14 days. You must include either a copy of your invoice, or a letter stating your name, address and daytime phone (land lines only, no mobile phone numbers only) or fax number.     


Legality for use of parts sold: 

The customer accepts all risks, and responsibilities for use of parts ordered and purchased by the customer, in regards to the legality of its use, which includes but is not limited to State and Federal laws concerning vehicle accessories and or parts. Examples include: lights, and other non-OEM (Original Equipment), non-OEM wheels and tyres, etc. The risks are not limited to the preceding examples. As stated, the customer accepts all risks upon ordering and or purchasing parts that such parts would be legal to use, or intended for show use, off road use, competition use, or otherwise. 


Force Majeure:  

The company shall not be deemed to be in default, if performance of any of its obligations are delayed, being caused by any act of God, war, earthquake, fire, strike, accident, civil commotion, act of government, it's agencies or officers, or any other cause beyond the control of the company. Upon the occurrence of any such event, the company's obligations affected by such event shall be suspended until the circumstances are such that the company is again able to fulfill the obligations so suspended.


Statutory Laws: 

Except for any warranties implied by law and any other statutory rights under the Trade Practices Act or any other relevant legislation which prohibits the restriction, modification or exclusion of such implied warranties and statutory rights, all vehicles or merchandise is supplied 'as is' without warranty of any kind either express or implied, unless any particular vehicle or merchandise is specifically covered by a warranty, in writing.  


Privacy Policy: 

The company may use any information given for internal purposes only. We do not sell mailing or e-mail lists with customer information or give out customer information to any unauthorised third party. We may send out special offers or information about our products or new items available or becoming available. If customers do not wish to receive these, please notify us.