Ordering a brand new Ford F150 vehicle from us (special order):


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Customers who feel that they do not have the prior experience to purchase their vehicle from the USA, or simply do not have the time it takes to do so, and do not want to go through what some perceive as a lot of time and effort of buying their own vehicle and importing it into Australia, then we can do that for them. It’s called a special order, as we locate the vehicle specifically to your specifications and needs, not one that may not suit or be close in specifications, colour and the like. We only buy the latest vehicles new from USA dealers. 


We have located, purchased and imported vehicles from the USA since 1989, and have done so in the hundred’s and hundred’s for customers since then. We have established, reputable and reliable contacts and sources in the USA for locating American vehicles, for example we can locate brand new F150's with the Ford Dealer Locate system that Ford dealerships use, also for purchasing the F150 trucks, freighting them across the USA to the port of departure on the West Coast (California), doing all the dealer paperwork, trucking paperwork, US Customs and Border Protection paperwork, vehicle loading, shipping, and then Australian Customs, Quarantine and other related Australian Government departments paperwork and clearance on the Sydney end here. We arrange to have the vehicle transported to our Sydney facility at Seven Hills, where we inspect it, right hand drive convert and ADR compliance it, and ready it to be picked up by you, the customer. We have gone through this hundreds of times for customers. 


It costs slightly more on one side, but on the other hand our buying power and USA sources and regular contacts for buying, trucking, shipping also are usually less costly than what the average person would be paying if they did it all themselves, sometimes people do it themselves and pay too much for the vehicle, they pay USA State taxes, pay too much for trucking, loading and shipping, etc, so it can be cheaper sometimes getting us to do it for you.  


It’s your choice, we are happy to do that or let you take care of it all and buy your own and have it delivered to Sydney where we take over and do the Right Hand Drive conversion and ADR compliance only. If that’s the case then go to our ‘Importing Your Own’ page on this site to see all about our advice on ‘doing it yourself’ and what you need to know beforehand. Remember the saying, ‘knowledge is power’. We want you to be informed and not misled. 


If you decide to let us handle it all with a special order, then this is the process outlined below:        

  1. Go through our F150 website thoroughly, which is: www.fordf150.com.au to gain as much information as possible about the vehicle you want to buy. Be serious though, if your just looking for now, and are not ready, then don’t go past this step. However, if you are ready to purchase a new vehicle, then once you have all the information from this site taken in, and there is a lot to see, then contact us to go to the next step. Looking through and reading as much as you can on this site will ensure that you have chosen the vehicle, in specifications, colours, options and the like, as after all, it is not a small amount of money you are spending for your desired vehicle, even though we have the best ‘real’ prices. 
  2. Contact us and ask us any questions you may have, and let us know what vehicle specifics you want with your new vehicle. Ask us what is the current pricing for your specific model. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised at our pricing with a special order vehicle for you, as we are generally $5,000 to $20,000 less than the rest. Yes you read that right. Our margins are way less than the rest out there, plus our volume and manufacturing side of our business allows us to do these at much lower pricing, and we pass the savings onto our customers. That’s our business philosophy and it’s worked for us for a very long time.  
  3. Once we know what you want to purchase, we then send that information to the USA to have a vehicle locate performed. That usually takes from one to three days, depending on what day of the week we send it over and of course USA public holidays. Once we receive back what vehicle or usually multiple vehicles we have located through our brokers, we send the vehicle/s information to you, along with current pricing.  
  4. You then decide which vehicle you want. Once determined, after consultation with us on specifics about it, then we proceed to the next step. 
  5. We do the paperwork with you including invoicing and proceed to purchase the desired vehicle. We pay our USA brokers for the vehicle, trucking, loading and associated costs and shipping. It then goes through the usual process of trucking to the West coast (of the USA) port, all paperwork is completed and it is loaded and shipped to Sydney, where upon we take care of everything on this end to have it cleared through the various Government Departments, as well as payment of all costs associated on this end, including unloading, Customs, GST, and transporting to our facility in Sydney.  
  6. Once at our facility, we inspect the vehicle, whereupon you may want to come and see it for yourself, if not we will send photo’s of it to you before beginning the conversion and ADR compliance process. We the begin the Right Hand Drive conversion process, at the completion of it we submit all the relevant documentation to the Federal Government, where upon they issue us with the ADR Compliance Plate for the vehicle. 
  7. At that point we issue the final invoice, and you then can either come personally to our facility to pick up your vehicle or have it freighted to your location in Australia, which of course if that is the case, we can assist you with that as well.        


Remember, every vehicle we sell comes with a 3 Year, 120,000 kilometre vehicle warranty. Vehicle warranties are supplied either by our own in-house warranty program or a bought in National Warranty Company warranty.


That’s it. If you are now looking to buy a vehicle and have perused our website thoroughly and are ready to purchase, then go to our ‘contact us’ page to give us a call.