Dodge Ram trucks, 2010 to 2016 Year Models, 2500/3500, Right Hand Drive -RHD - Conversions & RAWS ADR Compliance:


-Best price anywhere: $38,500*  

(*including GST).


-Most experienced anywhere: since 1989  


We have been performing RHD conversions since 1989, and we have been converting Dodge Rams since 1995.  


We have performed hundreds and hundreds of Dodge Ram truck conversions (as well as Dodge Dakota trucks and Dodge Viper’s, GEN 1 through GEN 4.


We do the Dodge RAM Heavy Duty pickup, 2010 to 2016 Year Models, the RHD conversion and ADR Compliance, in RAWS ADR compliance. 


Best conversion & ADR Compliance price anywhere: $38,500* (*including GST), or $35,000 + GST.


Most experienced Ram converters: Since 1989 we have performed RHD conversions,and since 1995 specifically on Dodge Ram trucks. Nobody comes close to those facts.  


Please also see the ‘Importing Your Own’ section of this site for more in depth information pertaining to purchasing a Dodge RAM yourself.


We’ll cover below the points that you need to know about our Dodge Ram H/Duty pickup truck RHD conversions (& ADR Compliance) and RHD conversions in general. 


We will cover these relevant topics: 


  • Price:                 Everyone always wants to know ‘how much?’ and what it does and doesn’t include.  
  • Experience:         How much conversion experience do we have?   
  • Specialists?:         Are we Dodge specialists? 
  • Warranty:            Is there a warranty and what is it if so? 
  • Time it takes:      The time it takes to do one? 
  • Paperwork:        What do I need to know before buying a Ram in relation to the RHD conversion?
  • Quality:                 What is the quality of the finished product?
  • Quality control:    How is the quality controlled over time? 
  • Benefits of ours:  What are the differences to other conversions out there? 


Latest update: 

Our current pricing is $38,500*  

(*including GST)   


We offer and include your factory RAM truck SatNav GPS Navigation system to be converted to Australian mapping and loaded with the Australian roads, points of interest etc. This is a Hard Drive modification, not with a simple CD, others don’t offer this, and it’s at no charge (yes, it’s free) for every RAM truck we sell or RHD convert/compliance. 



We convert your Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup, 2500 Series and 3500 Series, 4x4, Cummins 6.7 Litre turbo Diesel, 2010 and later Year model (2010 to 2016 Year Models currently) for: 

$38,500* including GST * ($35,000 + GST). That includes: Conversion of your factory SatNav GPS system from USA road mapping to Australian road mapping, on Dodge Ram’s. 


That is drive-in, drive-out, RHD converted and fully ADR complianced by the Dodge Specialist’s.  


We can offer reasonable prices due to increased efficiency relating to our all ‘in-house’ design and manufacturing capabilities, we do not ‘farm out’ componentry such as dashboards, HVAC systems, etc, to other suppliers. It is also due to other factors, such as our overall Dodge Ram specialist capability, we’ve been doing Dodge Rams for nearly two decades now, and with the current model Ram’s, we convert and compliance normally more per annum than the rest, plus our components are not ‘one-off’ items, we utilise laser cut and OEM type componentry in all of our Ram conversions. All of the above brings the total ‘man-hours’ and cost required down considerably, and we pass those savings onto you, the customer.    



Our RHD conversion experience dates back to the late 1980’s, we have been performing conversions ever since then.  


Our Dodge RAM experience dates back to 1995, we were the very first in Australia to do the Dodge RAM’s, and we have been performing literally hundreds of RHD conversions of Dodge Ram pickup trucks since that time, continuously. That’s over twenty years of Dodge Ram experience alone. More than anywhere else.  



We have specialised a lot in Dodge’s since 1995 we have RHD converted and ADR complianced hundreds of Dodge’s over those years, including: 


  • Dodge Ram GEN1, 1994 to 2002 Year Models, 1500, 2500 & 3500 Series  
  • Dodge Ram GEN2, 2003 to 2009 Year Models, 1500, 2500 & 3500 Series 
  • Dodge Dakota pickup trucks, a scaled down version of the Ram truck 
  • Dodge Viper RT/10 (the older style Viper’s) 
  • Dodge Viper SRT10’s, GEN 3 and GEN 4, 2003 to 2010 Year Models, Coupe’s and Convertible Roadsters.  

and we currently offer RHD conversions on: 


  • The current Dodge RAM H/Duty GEN3, 2500 Series and 3500 Series, 2010 to 2016 Year Models 


See our Recent Deliveries page elsewhere on this site to look at the Dodge Ram 2010YM to 2016YM trucks we have completed in the last couple of years or so for customers around Australia of the latest Generation Ram truck. 



If you are buying your own vehicle and importing it, and having us perform the RHD conversion and ADR compliance, then we also provide a 12 month warranty, backed by US AUTOS Sydney. Please call us for more details. 


We also have the latest Chrysler/Dodge Diagnostic system, the only system that works 100% with the Dodge 2010 and later vehicles. It is the same system used by Chrysler and Dodge dealerships around the world, the Chrysler/Dodge ‘wiTECH’ system. We also have online access directly to Dodge USA for: 

  • Parts  
  • Service Manuals 
  • VIN decoding  
  • RRT’s/Recall’s 
  • And more Chrysler/Dodge direct data information systems. 

It is an expensive system compared to the ‘generic’ diagnostics out there, or even the Chrysler ‘StarScan’ system that does only up to 2009 Year Models, or the Chrysler ‘DRB3’ system that only does up to 2005 Year Models. Our system is constantly updated by Chrysler/Dodge and is directly connected to their database in the USA, so we are able to do as a Dodge USA dealer can, such as software updates to the vehicle’s themselves with ECU flashes, etc. 

dodge ram conv 1dodge ram conv 2


Time it takes?: 

With the current Dodge Ram pickups, depending on our workload we usually can have them converted in 4 to 6 weeks, plus ADR Compliancing time. So please call us as it does depend on when you think your Ram is arriving. Some shops quote 3 weeks and in reality we’ve seen 6 to 12 months elsewhere over the last 20 years or so of being in the Dodge Ram business, so ask for proof of how many they have actually done in recent times and how long it took them to do it, for the current Ram’s. Be informed, not by being misled or BS’d! 



Each and every RHD Conversion and ADR Compliance customer we deal with has a written agreement in place, which ensures what the customer receives, no handshake deals like some others. 


Before buying your Dodge Ram, please call us as once it is purchased, you need an Import Approval, which you cannot do yourself (as you can in pre-1989 vehicles). Please see the ‘Importing Your Own’ section of this site for more in depth information pertaining to this subject. 



Below is how we, after over twenty years of performing Dodge Ram RHD conversions, do our conversions to the highest standards, so that it not only is cosmetically correct, but even more importantly drives correctly and does everything it should do as it did when it was Left Hand Drive, and still does so for hundreds of thousands of kilometres of driving and use: 


Steering system: 


Dodge Ram RHD steering boxes

New RHD steering box compared to Original LHD steering

box uses a new RHD 6-bolt casting case with RHD mounting

points with the original Ram internals.


Our steering system is a proven, time tested, completely in-house designed system, which we first implemented more than a decade ago. It has been copied in varying degrees of quality by others since then. It’s the old saying, ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. Often imitated, never duplicated.  


On the latest 2015YM and 2016YM Dodge Ram's we utilise a brand new, built for Right Hand Drive, Heavy Duty power steering gearbox that is the original Dodge Ram steering box but in a new case built for RHD, as well as the factory Dodge pitman arms and all factory Dodge Ram steering arms and tie rods, all in un-modified original Dodge form. It has the same feel, steering lock to lock, steering geometry, durability and turning circle of the original vehicle.  


The system though does not, by design, use the following (like some others out there): 

  • It does not employ a ‘rocker system’ that carries the steering load from the road wheels through the system, which is prone to high rates of wear, even after 20,000km’s we’ve seen on other ‘systems’. 
  • It does not employ two steering boxes, one working as a ‘dummy’ box on the opposite chassis side.  
  • It does not employ splitting the steering column in half and jamming in two right angle boxes between the engine and the HVAC, in a whole new firewall side to side, with up to 7 universal joints. This sytem is similar to the old 'chain drive' system that was employed some twenty years ago and luckily phased out. That system is banned in New Zealand.  
  • It does not have non-genuine (non-factory Dodge) steering parts in the critical load section of the system, which can result in high rates of wear and serviceability issues down the road when thousands of kilometres have been driven. 
  • It does not move the air conditioning compressor on the Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, which can result in thrown serpentine (fan) belts, at the worst possible times, and it does not utilise a non-genuine Dodge serpentine (fan) belt, it uses the original Dodge belt. 
  • It does not utilise moving the engine in the engine bay, which necessitates new engine mounts, as this can lead to engine mount failure due to poorly designed or manufactured mounts, and non-alignment of the engine transmission combination with the tail shaft/s and a vibration/oscillation occurring. 
  • It does not utilise ‘home-made’ or ‘one-off’ steering parts that can snap, break or break off the chassis rail at the welds. 
  • It does not utilise a pitman arm that is not a Dodge Ram OEM pitman arm, or worse a ‘made-up’ or modified pitman arm with two holes machined for ‘cross-bars’ that would be subject to high loads from the road wheels and subject to wear rates possibly making for sloppy steering over time. 
  • It does not utilise modified steering arms or tie rods, or steering arms from different makes/models, which besides possibly causing incorrect steering geometry, could be a real hassle when maintenance or replacement of these ‘one-off’ items is required.  
  • It does not have a non-factory steering geometry, or incorrect steering geometry (ours is exactly factory specs), which can cause bad driver control of the vehicle through ‘bump steer’ issues and worse, right down to high rates of premature front tyre wear and scrubbing.  

We have seen other steering systems fail and welds break because of their own bad design which could then lose all steering on your vehicle, with disastrous results.


Air-conditioning and Demister system (HVAC): 

Our RHD Dodge Ram conversion utilises the factory HVAC box, modified to retain the original (OEM) Dodge evaporator and heater core. It also utilises the original servo motors for air ducting control. The demister system retains the factory system in place, including the important demisting to the front-side drivers and passenger’s windows so they demist the windows so the driver can still see out of the exterior mirrors high humidity times (not all others out there do that). The original ducting is retained. Flow rates are comparable or higher than the OEM flow rates. The air conditioning system also retains the volumetric efficiency, in other words it keeps the original HVAC volume to cool (or heat) the volume of the interior cabin of the Dodge it was originally designed for. It retains the original temperature rates for cooling (& heating) as original. It also does not, when in cooling mode, heat up in conjunction with the engine temperature, as inferior RHD systems might due to poor design. It also retains the ‘split’ system of the original Laramie and Longhorn models, with correct orientation of the dial Left and Right, enabling the front system to be independent, Left to Right sides, as in the original Laramie and Longhorn models. 


In point form, our air-conditioning/demister (HVAC) systems do: 

  • Retain the original (OEM) flow rates through all of the dashboard air conditioning vents, and the demisting system. 
  • Retain the outside demisting vents to the drivers and passengers side window for driver visibility in humid conditions, an important safety issue as designed by the factory.  
  • Retain the original heater core and A/C evaporator core 
  • Retain the OEM HVAC box, modified to RHD, and original servo motors 
  • Retain the original volumetric flow for the cabin as originally designed by the factory 
  • Retain the original ‘split’ system functions of the Laramie and Longhorn factory split (Left and Right side) climate control.

The system though does not, by design (like some others out there): 

  • It does not (the cooling part of the air-conditioner/HVAC system) heat up (temperature rises) in relation to engine temperature, which a poorly designed system will do. 
  • It does not have the outer demisting vents deleted, which is an important safety issue, and designed by the factory, to clear fogged in side windows to allow the driver to see out of the side mirrors, for lane changing and more driver operations.   
  • It does not have decreased flow rates through the dash vents. 
  • It does not combine the split system (in Laramie and Longhorn models) into one system, unlike the original OEM split system works 
  • It does not have hand bent aluminium A/C lines, all new A/C lines are purpose manufactured from new lines. Hand-bending of aluminium A/C lines can result in cracking from fatigue, causing loss of refrigerant and the stopping of the A/C system functioning.   


In short, it functions in every aspect the same as what it did when in Left Hand Drive form. 


Dashboard/Instrument Panel: 

Our Right Hand Drive (RHD) dashboard/instrument panel is not a one-piece fibreglass dash. It is OEM plastic. It is not a ‘cut-and-shut’ plastic dashboard, as unfortunately has been around the industry over the years.  


Our RHD Ram dashboard retains the factory features, such as all demisting vents, hidden passenger’s airbag, the factory Integrated Trailer Brake control, the factory placement, in exactly mirror location, of the steering column, the factory mirrored placement of the handbrake release, the factory leatherette and ‘soft-touch’ feel of the upper dashboard assembly, and the factory gaps and tolerances of the dashboard. Our Ram dashboard top is a vacuum formed assembly in a dedicated machine, it is not hand formed and/or the leatherette hand heated which gives way to crimping of the leatherette around tight parts such as the corners next to the instrument cluster fascia in the upper edges. It also has the 4-wheel drive and 115 volt outlet mirrored in placement so the driver can easily reach the 4 wheel drive electronic selector switch, as per the factory dashboard.  


Our Right Hand Drive Ram dashboard/Instrument Panel does not have the following (unlike some others out there): 

·         It does not delete the drivers and passenger’s side demisting vents as designed for safety by the factory to demist the side windows in humid driving conditions, an important factory safety feature, to be able to see out the exterior mirrors of the side windows for the driver. 

·         It does not utilise a fibreglass dashboard, and does not utilise the bad ‘cut-shut-and-cover’ method of some dashboards.  

·         It does not delete the hidden passengers airbag as produced by the factory, our RHD dashboards utilise the same hidden passengers airbag on the top left side of the dash, no ugly airbag ‘lids’ that are very noticeable and/or of poor quality design. Our dashboard retains the hidden airbag on the passenger’s side. 

·         It does not delete the factory ‘Integrated Trailer Brake Controller’, it retains it, and locates it in an exact mirrored placement, above the emergency release situated next to the driver’s door, just as the factory placement was when in Left Hand Drive form. 

·         It does not delete the ‘soft-touch’ feel of the upper dashboard, our RHD Ram dashboards retain the padded section beneath the factory type leatherette material. 

·         It does not have the dash-top hand formed and/or hand heated in place, it is vacuum formed in a dedicated machine leaving no leatherette crimps or ugly bulges in the dash top.  

·         It does not have non-factory gap’s, our RHD Ram dashboard retains factory gaps for an overall very high quality look.    

·         It does not have non-factory steering column placement, which results in the steering wheel being out of centre to the driver and the driver’s seat. It is in centre to the driver’s seat, as per the factory.  


Other parts of the RHD conversion: 

  • The drivers side window and mirror switch function in the same way as factory, we utilise a custom moduel that re-directs the CAN-BUS system signals to have the switch function correctly.
  • We utilise another custom module for the rear tail lights and trailer tow plug to function correctly
  • The factory tow bar has been tested to 4.5 tonnes, and we certify them to tow that.
  • Firewalls: laser-cut and folded, fully welded and factory colour painted 
  • Drivers left foot well area enlarged. It is not left ‘as-is’ and merely a driver’s foot rest installed, which does nothing to add to the drivers left foot well area. A custom 100mm/4 inch stainless steel exhaust is installed from just behind the engine torbocharger to under the fllor of the cab, to enable the proper modification of the drivers floor to eliminate the 'hump'. 
  • Both factory batteries retained (not having one-left side-deleted!) 
  • Engine coolant overflow tank retained, not deleted. 
  • Rear factory lights retained, no additional rear blinkers or brake/parking lights inserted. All are fully ADR compliant and indicators run by a custom computer module. 
  • Factory metric instrument clusters utilised 
  • Engine bay wiring is not reworked, is as original and tidy as was factory. 
  • No A/C lines hand bent, all are purpose manufactured new. 
  • Wiper system is mirrored and new RHD arms are utilised, not hand-made wiper arms.  
  • The passenger exterior mirror is altered for drivers view by utilising a factory looking ‘wedge’ which repositions it for correct driver viewing, without having to re-do the locking system, for a factory look, or worse, not having it modified at all.

    Dodge Ram foot well-2

     Dodge Ram footwell

    ram steering box 

    The factory right hand side foot well, showing before the floor modification, you can clearly see the large hump in the floor where the drivers left foot would rest.

    The factory right hand side foot well, to the left of the brake pedal as seen here, is enlarged. We do not merely take the easy way by installing a driver’s foot rest and leave it at that, which does nothing to increase the foot well area, possibly decreasingit instead.

    The new Right Hand Drive steering box we utilise uses the original internals of the LHD factory 6-bolt steering box in a new RHD case, making it the exact same box cast in a new case designed for RHD.   

    Dodge Ram drivers switch

    Dodge Ram rear tail light

    Dodge Ram engine bay-3

    The factory driver's right hand side door window and external power mirror switch works the buttons the correct way, as we add a custom computer module to the CAN/BUS electrics to accomplish that.  The factory rear LED tail lights are retained and the rear indicators and added Australian 7-pin trailer plug that is added is run from another second custom designed computer module. As you can see, the wiper cowl panel is modified to accept the RHD wipers, without using unsitely inserts that protrude. The wiper arms are not 'cut and shut/welded' as some others do, ours are factory RHD arms retaining the Ram wipers.




    The air-conditioning compressor attached to the Cummins Diesel engine is not relocated, which relocation could result in thrown serpentine/fan belts

    The dual batteries are retained, we do not delete the right hand side battery.

    The engine bay wiring as you can see is factory, we do not completely or otherwise rewire it, which leaves a neat looking factory type look in the engine bay

    dodge ram conv 6 

    dodge ram conv 7

    dodge ram conv 8

    The engine coolant tank is relocated and retained, it is not deleted. Deleted tanks or coolant tanks of smaller capacity can lead to overheating issues

    The Left side and Right side demisting outlet vents are retained, to enable the demisting of the exterior mirrors in humid driving conditions, an important safety feature, as produced by the factory. They are not deleted, which can cause safety issues with driver visibility when lane changing etc, if deleted due to fogged up side windows and not being able to see the exterior mirrors

    dodge ram conv 9

    dodge ram conv 10


    The passenger airbag is ‘hidden’ under the dash top as the same as per the factory produces it, it does not have an ugly airbag cover in plain view. Ours has the factory finish and look. Some others out there actually delete the airbag! Really! They won't tell you that though.

    The Dodge Ram towbar we have had tested to 4.5 Tonnes towing capacity. The towbar on your Ram will be certified to tow up to that weight, when eqiupped.  


     dodge ram conv 16

    conv 17 

     The dash gaps and tolerances are as per the factory, as you can see here.

    Also, as the dash top utilises the same procedure as the factory does in that the leatherette is vacuum formed over the dash top and passenger’s airbag in a dedicated machine leaving no leatherette crimps or ugly bulges in the dash top. The dash-top is not hand formed and/or hand heated in place, which may leave vinyl bulges in areas such as where the dash top meets the instrument cluster fascia, in the area shown above.

    As you can see, ours has none of that as it is vacuum formed in a machine.

    The passenger’s side mirror is readjusted for the drivers view with a factory looking wedge, of the same hard plastic as the exterior mirrors. They are not merely re-adjusted on the click stops or even worse left as is without this.


    Dodge Ram Australian Sat Nav 


    We also upgrade the Dodge Ram factory SatNav system (8.4AN) if so equipped, with Australian mapping and other features, it usually costs more than $1,500 by itself. It is included in the conversion cost. 

 Quality control:

Our ADR Compliance company is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured Company with which means that our Quality Management System has been developed and implemented to the highest standards. We have regular Quality Control audits, which ensure consistent quality methods. 


It is also: 

  • A Federally Licenced ‘Test Facility’ (by V.S.S. Department of the Federal Government)  
  • A Federally Licenced ‘Production Facility’ (by V.S.S. Department of the Federal Government)  
  • A Federally Licenced ‘Design Facility’ (by V.S.S. Department of the Federal Government)  


Global Marl logo raws iso

Our conversions go through a rigorous standard of

quality control on all systems. This starts before, and

then during the conversion process. Once RHD converted however, it is then checked another four times, firstly by one of our staff, then by our Engineer or Vehicle Inspection Signatory, then by an RMS approved AUVIS station (if to be registered in NSW), and then again by  State or Territory registration authority with a 'third tier' inspection (RMS if in NSW). 


Our ADR compliance company is ISO9001:2008 Accredited, which means you have another added method

of quality control built in to every RHD conversion.



Benefits of our RHD Conversion?: 

  • Resale value. Our RHD Converted Ram’s retain a high resale due to the quality and longevity of our company in the Dodge conversion industry. We’ve seen many companies come and go since 1989 when we first began it all, few have the experience and longevity to be there down the road in years to come, and that affects resale value in a positive light for our customers and their Dodge Ram’s. There are a lot of new companies coming into this market to make profits, how long will they be around? who knows… 
  • We back up what we do. Our RHD conversions are performed by our experienced-in-Dodge staff, and are not ‘farmed out’ to someone else partly or wholly, or overseas. Any warranty work, if that should arise, is performed by our staff, unlike some who are just ‘salesman’ selling a conversion performed by someone else, here or overseas. A few have likely had never Right Hand Drive converted a Ram or other vehicle ever, so how do you expect to have them perform specialist warranty work by them farming it out to generalised non-specialist mechanical workshops and have it correctly performed?     


In short, our experience has enabled us to deliver a factory experience for the Dodge Ram owner after our RHD conversion. It retains: 

  • All of the road feel, drivers steering feel, for hundreds of thousands of kilometres, as proven by hundreds of Dodge Ram’s we have RHD converted since 1995. 
  • The factory turning circle, steering geometry, and original parts replacement. The steering system is just as the factory steering for feel and road performance and geometry. 
  • Factory air conditioner and demisting vents, and factory air-conditioning performance. 
  • Factory finish and cosmetically correct RHD dashboard, without deletion of vital parts needed by the driver for safety, and mirrored placement of controls for easy driver reach, for comfort and safety. 
  • Other factory items, such as dual batteries, hidden passengers airbag, soft touch dash feel, factory dashboard gaps, are not deleted but retained.  


                                             Dodge Ram RHD dash board     


We have a very high level of customers who come back year after year to have us do their next Dodge Ram, and a high level of referrals by prior customers to new customers, so we know we can do the same for you. 

Call us for your next Dodge Ram to be RHD converted (& ADR Complianced) by the Dodge Specialist’s!  

Best price - $38,500, including GST. 

Most experienced - RHD conversions since 1989.